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Informations sur l'industrie

3D laser marking machine gives more possibilities for surface machining


With the rapid development of laser technology, the processing form of laser is also gradually changing. In order to meet the needs of surface processing, the current 3D laser marking technology is also gradually emerging. Compared with the previous 2D laser marking, 3D laser marking can perform rapid laser marking on products with uneven surface and irregular shape, which not only improves the processing efficiency, but also satisfies the current personalized processing requirements. Now processing and producing rich display styles, providing more creative processing technology for current material processing.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for 3D marking business in the market, the current 3D laser marking technology is also concerned by many domestic enterprises. Some domestic leading laser companies have developed their own 3D laser marking machines, such as Ted laser. The developed 3D laser marking machine is widely used in many industries today, and the refined surface marking provides a professional solution for the current surface processing.


The current 3D laser marking machine uses a front focusing optical mode that uses a larger X, Y axis deflecting lens. This is beneficial for conducting a larger laser spot, which has a great improvement in focusing accuracy and energy effect, and the surface of the mark is also larger. At the same time, the 3D mark does not affect the energy of the surface of the processed object as the 2D laser mark moves up with the focal length of the laser, and eventually the engraving effect is not satisfactory. After using the 3D mark, the surface can be finished with the current 3D laser mark once, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. In the current manufacturing, there are many irregularly shaped products in order to meet specific needs. Some products may have irregularities on the surface. It seems that there is nothing to do with the traditional 2D marking method. 3D laser marking can complete the processing. Although the current fiber laser marking machine has been widely used in many fields, the emergence of 3D laser marking machine has effectively filled the gap of laser surface processing, providing a broader stage for the current laser application.
Performance characteristics:

●Long life

The world's leading technology lasers, the preferred components, ensure long life of the equipment.

●High stability

Efficient cache control technology, selected components, can be continuously produced for a long time to ensure production capacity.

●High precision

Excellent beam quality for high-precision machining control of workpieces with a minimum character size of 0.40mm and a minimum line width of 0.03mm.

●High speed

The system uses imported ultra-fine optics, which scan speed is much higher than the traditional laser system.

●Low energy consumption

High laser conversion efficiency ensures system reliability and stability.

●No consumables

The laser has a long life, maintenance-free and no consumables, ensuring low maintenance and operating costs.
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